Cape Town, Livingstone & Chobe National Park

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In June, my parents and aunt took a trip to Africa and visited Egypt, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, and Botswana. While I couldn’t take five weeks of vacation, I met up with them in Cape Town, Livingstone, and Chobe National Park.

Cape Town: I really enjoyed the delicious and affordable food in Cape Town. We went on a winery tour together through Stellenbosch. Though, by the end of it, every sample tasted the same. In the process, we discovered that South African Pinotage is a new family favourite! On another day, we visited Table Mountain and wandered around. I’d love to go back one day and hike to the top. Cape Town has lots of food and craft markets, so I spent a full day alternating between eating and shopping.

Livingstone: I was skeptical about how Victoria Falls would be. But, it lives up to the hype. The falls were beautiful and there were lots of walking trails where you’d get sprayed by the water – really nice on a warm day!

Botswana: We took an overnight trip to Chobe National Park. It was pricey for a camping trip, but the service and meals were pretty good. Chobe has a ton of elephants. We were lucky to also see a pride of lions! We even stopped to watch a lioness nursing her cubs. It was a little disappointing to have so many other safari cars nearby, but I guess that’s typical in busy parks. I enjoyed sleeping in the park too. We heard the sound of a lion’s roar as we went to bed. woke up to elephants trumpeting in the morning, and the stars were just breathtaking!
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