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In my last post, I shared my top three tips for writing an application to the EWB Fellows Program. Well, the three members of EWB community were kind enough to share a few more tips and an inside look at their experiences overseas:

Megan Firth is a long-time EWBer, currently working in Zambia with Business Development Services (BDS). One of the highlights of her fellowship was “the day that our three fantastic Junior Fellows presented their summer-long research to the Executive members of a large company and NGO. Their level of experience and expertise after a summer was incredible to watch!” You can read more about Megan’s experiences on her blog. Megan recommends reading up on EWB first, understanding its values and incorporating those values into your answers in an intentional way.

Leah Stemeroff is also working with Business Development Services in Zambia for her second year. Looking back, Leah remembers visiting other EWB ventures in Kampala, Uganda (Mango Fund and Pollen Group). She explains one of her most memorable moments as “getting to see how different our work is, but how we approach it with many of the same principles. And also, how incredible Kampala is.” Leah suggests, “be honest and straight-forward, even if you feel your response doesn’t fit within the classic ‘interview response’ category. EWB is at its best when there’s a wide range of perspectives and experiences contributing.”

Sylvie Lamothe is a first-time Fellow and new EWBer, currently working in Malawi with the WASH Catalyst and Coordination teams. Sylvie recalls the village stay as a life-changing experience, “I have travelled a lot, but this is the first time I got to experience what life is like in an African village. I was completely outside of my comfort zone. I had to rely and trust those around me”. You can find out more about her eventful village stay experience here. Sylvie encourages applicants to be honest and dig deep to understand why you want to do a fellowship. She suggests trying to picture yourself in-country and her last piece of advice is simply, “Don’t hesitate”.
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