I almost forgot where I was

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I’ve lived in Lusaka for a little over one week. Living as a ex-pat comes with privilege. I live in a safe neighbourhood in a relatively nice house. In Lusaka, you can always find a festival, show or class to go to. This week, I went to the Lusaka Night Market. I enjoyed Boerwors sausage, chicken pie, nachos, arancini, tasty mojitos, and so much more!

Lusaka is a vibrant city with friendly people. At times, I feel at home here. The ex-pat life makes it easier to cope with the realities of living in a developing country. Power outages last 6+ hours each day. For me, they are just an inconvenience and don’t affect my livelihood. There is litter on the streets because garbage disposal is privately funded here, but I can walk home to my complex where the grounds are spotless.

I’ve felt guilty for having these luxuries while so many people here struggle to make ends meet. The shortage of rainfall and the volatile currency affect businesses here, including Rent to Own. The effects are amplified on the lowest income families.

I guess I’ve led a privileged life in Canada. I knew this, but it didn’t make me feel as uncomfortable because most people around me lived similarly. In Zambia, it’s so much more obvious and conflicting.

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  1. Aahona October 25, 2015 at 6:00 pm

    Keep telling the real story because too many people post the sugarcoated world these days, do your thing girl.

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